Rev Dario Leal, minister

Dario has been the Minister of First Church since January 2018. Originally from Chile, Dario is married to Denise who is from England and their four children are all Northern Irish! Dario loves to spend time with his family. He enjoys music and football and he used to coach tennis! Dario is a husband, father, pastor and passionate pursuer of Jesus and His Kingdom. He is a leader, loyal friend and walks the walk when it comes to being a carrier of God’s presence. He expects things to happen when he prays for people. He loves having fun and eating olives (preferably at the same time). He is passionate about Jesus and the Gospel’s transforming power to change lives, communities and cities.


jill mckee, clerk of session

It is my great privilege to serve the Congregation of First Church as the current Clerk of Session. I came to this Congregation about 25 years ago, and have grown greatly in my Love for the Lord, and for this church family over these years. My passion is to know God more and through the reading and direction of his Word and the guidance of his Holy Spirit, to communicate His amazing love for us in whatever way I can. I realise more and more that our Sovereign God desires to be in an ongoing intimate relationship with his people, that He speaks to us in many different ways, to guide, encourage, challenge and inspire us, and one of these ways is visual. I trust I will always be amazed that our Almighty Creator God knows us so intimately He does not miss a thing; He is a God of both ‘the big picture’ and the detail of our lives and, knowing all about us, loves us completely. It is a deep joy to serve him. 


martin chambers, Discipleship Leader

I have belonged to First Church for close to 40 years. I am an Elder here and have been involved with home groups for 25 years. For some, the idea of meeting in homes might seem new and strange, but the reality is that it has been happening for over 2000 years. Jesus came to people's homes where friends and neighbours gathered to hear his teaching as did the  disciples. So we are just following their example, coming together in small groups to learn from God’s word, to be encouraged in our Christian journey, to belong and make friends.

My desire is that we become more like Jesus, in our love, compassion and grace to those around us. I believe it is these powers that will change the world we live in.