Founded in 1655, FIRST CHURCH is part of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland. Our vision is to be a vibrant, worshipping Christian community, growing in love for God, love for each other and love for the world in which we live.


Our starting point

At First Church we recognise that transformation begins with an act of faith in God and a desire to depend upon the Holy Spirit as we respond to our understanding of the word of God. We recognise that church is not a place we go to; it is an expression of who we are as a Christian community.

god’s plan

God’s plan is for a new heaven and a new earth where the worship of God is the beginning and end of our existence as we glorify God and enjoy Him forever.

At first church we value

God’s Presence - we value the person and work of the Holy Spirit. Therefore we seek to depend upon and keep in step with the Holy Spirit.

Hearing God’s Word – all scripture is God inspired therefore we seek to discern what God is saying through His word and by His Spirit.

God’s Unique Call On Us – recognising that God has gifted this church in particular areas of ministry we offer ourselves, and those gifts, to the wider church.

People – every person has been created in the image of God and is loved by Him. Since we value people we seek to respond to the needs of people as God desires.

The Community of ‘First’ – we prize building, maintaining and restoring relationships with one another, as we seek to grow in relationship with God.

Discipleship Training – We value lives being transformed as people follow Christ. Therefore we have as priorities enabling people to mature in their relationship with Christ and preparing God’s people for works of service.

Every Member Ministry – the Church is the body of Christ on earth and each person who belongs to Jesus has a call on their lives to minister to others. We value encouraging everyone to participate in the mission of God.

Partnership – as a witness to the unity of the body of Christ and in recognition of our interdependence, we value partnering with other churches in ministry.